Globescotters was informed by British Council Scotland’s commitment to promote the benefits and importance of international experiences to young people in three main areas: skills, education and careers.

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VentureJam 2018

VentureJam is a free and unique opportunity for 40 young people in Scotland. Young Scot and Glasgow City of Science and Innovation run a weekend ‘Jam’ each year that involves teams of young people developing fresh ideas to solve real world challenges

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Steven Scott
PSE Review

Between 10th and 23rd September 2018, Young Scot gathered insight into young people’s thoughts and experiences of the delivery of PSE in schools through a national online survey

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EducationGavin Edgar
Reroute Report

A new report by Scotland’s national youth biodiversity panel, ReRoute, has set out how Scotland’s young people can better connect with nature in our cities and countryside, with improved access to jobs

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EnvironmentGavin Edgar