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Young Scot Membership

On 12th June, Young Scot launched our new Membership Service to improve young people’s access to all of our services. As part of this refreshed  service, young people who are aged 12 and over will be able to become a Young Scot Member and access Membership Services, including Rewards, discounts and bespoke entitlements.

Our Membership Service

A new Young Scot Membership Service – developed in partnership with the Improvement Service – providing young people aged 12+*with access to personalised and bespoke opportunities, through:

  • Secure, verified access to services, powered by the mygov myaccount single sign-on

  • Access to online discounts to help young people make the most of their lives

  • Exciting Rewards opportunities and experiences, both national and local

  • Access to bespoke entitlement packages such as the Young Carer opportunities package

  • Greater visibility of local opportunities in local authority areas across Scotland

Important Changes

Rewards is now part of Membership Services
Those cardholders that previously had a Rewards account will have to re-register to the new Membership platform

When signing up for Young Scot Membership the user will be invited to:

  • Sync with their previous account, this will transfer over points total and a record of account activity for the past 12 months

  • As part of this refreshed service, initially young people who are aged 12 and over will be able to become a Young Scot Member and access Membership Services

  • Due to data protection law and mygov myaccount policy, any Young Scot cardholders who are aged 11 will not be able to access Membership Services until they turn 12

  • We estimate that for most young people affected this will result in a wait of a maximum of six months

  • Those aged 11 when they receive their card, will of course have full access to quality assured information, all our “Show and Go” discounts and opportunities to get involved via

  • We estimate that the number of 11 year olds this affect is less than 1% of the total number of Young Scot cardholders nationally.

We are actively working with our partners to explore data management solutions for access to all Membership benefits and bespoke entitlement packages for those aged 11.

We will be running a programme of communications to ensure young people understand this change. We appreciate your support and patience in sharing this message with your cardholders. Anyone with any queries should ring our Young Scot InfoLine on 0808 801 0338.

The change in platform will mean that historical Rewards points codes and vouchers will no longer be compatible. We invite any previous Rewards users to contact us directly and we will honour existing vouchers on an individual basis. We invite any points providing Rewards partners to connect with us to review activities and any issued codes to ensure – where possible – consistency in service.

What’s Next?

This is just the beginning. With the new platform and Membership Service now in place, over the coming months we will continue to work with our key delivery partners to identify more opportunities to develop digital services and maximize the impact of both the universal and bespoke services we provide to young Scots.

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Gavin Edgar