New Rules for young Scots

New Rules

Young Scot has released the short film, New Rules, which looks at consent and aims to empower young people when making decisions around sex.

The film, originally released as a series of Instagram stories on Valentines Day, takes you on the journey of a teenage girl as she navigates her relationship with her boyfriend and her best friend. She uses her phone to record her experiences, and it focuses on an upcoming school prom an event after which she and her boyfriend had discussed having sex for the first time.

She then changes her mind and receives pressure from him, and her peers, to have sex because she is known to have had sex with a previous partner.

The film starred three actors from the Glasgow Academy of Musical Theatre Arts, and was filmed in and around Edinburgh.

Kirsten Urquhart, Digital and Smart-Tech Director at Young Scot, said: “Consent is a huge issue that is widely discussed in the news, but so often it’s not presented in a way that is accessible to young people. That’s why we are pleased that we have had the opportunity to engage with young people via Instagram to provide them with information and support so that they feel empowered to make the right decision for them around consent.”

You can view the film, and find more information on consent, on the Young Scot website.