It is our ambition for every young person in Scotland have access to the Young Scot National Entitlement Card.  

To help us achieve this we attend events that are attended by young people. We also run information sessions on issues that are important to them.  

This outreach helps us to make sure young people are aware of our services and are up to date about the issues that matter to them. It also gives them information on the services in their local area and opportunities to volunteer and gain accreditation for their efforts.  

Equality is central to everything we do at Young Scot. To make sure we are working with all of Scotland’s communities, we are particularly keen to increase our engagement with BAME, disabled, and LGBTQ+ young people – as well as young people from other under-represented groups.  

Young Scot Outreach: 

  • Attend local youth events with our Young Scot branded information vehicle and information stands  

  • Promote the Young Scot Card and services at schools, youth groups and within local communities  

  • Deliver information sessions on topics which matter to young people   

  • Provide partners and local organisations with Young Scot information and merchandise  


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